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Bolichwerke é uma marca alemã que se dedica ao fabrico de iluminação industrial desde o ano de 1911, comemorou o seu centenário em 2011 e manteve ao longo destes anos o respeito pela tradição e pela qualidade dos seus produtos

as luminárias da Bolichwerke são fabricadas em aço inox, alumínio ou cobre, têm cabos de pvc pu têxtil e podem ser encomendadas em qualquer cor RAL

deixamos alguns exemplos


Bolichwerke is an industrial lighting  german brand that started it’s manufacture in the year 1911

in 2011  the Bolichwerke celebrated their 100th anniversary. 100 years marked by tradition, and  high quality standards. the only way to explain that from then until now, Bolicwerke lights have a reputation for exceptional durability. not only in terms of the craftsmanship, but also in terms of design. Bolichwerke continues their traditional handcraft and at the same time develop innovative products based on the latest lighting technology

Bolichwerke lamps are manufactured in stainless steel, aluminium or copper, are supplied with PVC or textile cables and can be ordered in any RAL colour

some examples down bellow