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o terrazzo é composto de agregados de mármore e pigmentos. é produzido em blocos de 305x124x84 cm e após 28 dias é cortado em peças de 60x30mm, 60x40mm, 30x30mm, 40x40mm, 60x60mm com 20/30/40mm


cement-marble is a precast material composed of marble chipping bonded together with white cement and pigments. produced in standard size blocks (305x124x84 cm) with our ultimate vacuum-technology plants, after 28 days which is the minimum time to get the max hardness, it is cut in slabs which are suddenly used to realize tiles, stairs, sills and wall-claddings for interior use.

its competitive price and chromatic homogeneity, make it the perfect material for important projects which can be also realized in special colours studied by the designers in cooperation with our technical office